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Is Home Care Right For Me?

1. Aging in Place Costs Less

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are expensive. Add in that many seniors have almost paid off their home mortgages with over 20 percent between 65 and 74 having already paid them off completely, and staying at home becomes even more attractive.

2. Aging in Place is More Comfortable

There’s no place like home. Your favorite chair, your mattress instead of a hospital bed, the space you are accustomed to, the temperature, the smells, just the familiarity of the space, all go towards the comfort of staying in your own home.

3. Aging in Place Helps Slow The Advancement of Memory Loss

Loss of memory is a scary prospect for many as they age and being moved into a new environment, particularly an institutional environment, can worsen the progression of memory loss. Because of the increased social network connections and being able to keep your current social network that comes with staying in your community, a decrease in cognitive function can be slowed.

4. Aging in Place Strengthens Your Social Network

Aging in place allows seniors to keep their current social network and expand upon it. It not only allows seniors to stay near current friends but it gives them the freedom to host social events if they prefer.

5. Self Determination

You’ve spent the majority of your life working so retirement should be about doing what you want. Staying at home allows seniors to be more independent and make their own decisions on a variety of topics. Even with live-in or occasional in-home help, you’re in charge of scheduling activities instead of a nursing home or assisted living situation where you must comply with a group schedule.
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